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“The book arrived in my mailbox today! So excited to spend a few hours lost in your photography and Kamryn’s and Tom’s writings! Thank you ladies and Tom; it really is WOW!!"   –Jill    

“Oh my gosh, that is the most magnificent book I've seen in a long time!!! I LOVE IT! And so does Joseph. Three clear, wonderful channels working in collaboration -- WOW is no joke!


I keep opening up to pages that take my breath away, inspire me, and make me want to (heaven forbid), cut them out and hang them on my wall. The photos, the aphorisms, the advice, the ROCK BALANCING - OMG - the photograhs, the book's layout, the top-quality printing! I am blown away.


Huge congratulations to all 3 of you! I know how hard you worked to make it actually come into being and I hope none of you stops what you're doing, EVER. Kamryn, I've seen the other two's work but you amazed me completely. I had no idea! I am still opening at random and also trying to read in order, so I haven't seen it all yet. I keep landing on 'favorite' pages, and then changing my mind. Thank you for creating this new treasure!”


“Very good indeed...your book launch was so wonderful, and we imagine the future venues will help spread the beauty of your collaboration.”                   –Mary

"I finally have your book in my hands here on Christmas Eve! I want to tell you I am so honored to have been included. What an incredible labor of love. And to have so many shared memories of being there when some of the images were conceived. I am so proud of you all! It’s wonderful, so are you! Gratitude in bunches.”  


"Congratulations on your book guys! Love it! It was so fun that you shared the stories behind some of the pictures with us!"  


"I was both tremendously excited, thrilled, and full of joy when your beautiful book was handed to me by my postal carrier.  I am enjoying the beautiful photographs and Kamryn’s and Tom’s beautiful inspirational words!"


"Yay!!! It finally arrived today! I'm so happy for you and proud, too! Your book was a long labor of love, time, patience and effort! What a treasure you have created. Thank you for your kind acknowledgement in the credits! I'm sincerely in awe of what you have created. Thank you for your messages, I'm touched by your kind words. I feel more balanced already and only read into it about 10 pages! Now go share it with the world!!! Balance is definitely needed!”


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